E-mail message I'M CUMMING </text> <body bgcolor="#000000" text="white" font="white"> <br><br><br><br><br> <center> <font size="7"><font color="white"><b><i>I'M COMING</font> <br><br><br> <center><font color="white"><font size="5"><i> Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!! In 4 days we'll be together once again. <br> I'm cumming to kiss your temples and eyelashes <br> softly as your soft, sensuous lips reach for mine. <br> I'm coming to gently nibble your earlobe and <br> run my tongue across the soft lines of your delicate neck. <br> I'm comming to see how much I excite you, but <br> I comming to cover your breasts with my mouth <br> as I circle one nipple, then the other, not <br> touching the rosebuds that will quiver and beg me to engulf them. <br> I comming play and tease you gently until your <br> desire begs me to suck and nip at those tender buds. <br> I comming to trace figure eights with my <br> tongue and fingers all over that soft, silky stomach of yours. <br> I'm comming to make you moan as I leave a path <br> <center> <img src="http://www.angelfire.com/sc3/jojo6353sc/SIGs/DOLL8.gif"> <br> of wetness as I move lower, lower, and yet lower. <br> I comming to massage your inner thighs with <br> firm fingers and burning desire. <br> I"m comming to hear you call out to me to stop <br> the torment and help you release the passion <br> that is burning in your body. <br> I'm comming to enjoy the feeling of gently <br> sucking your wet "lips" one at a time <br> before seeking out that little clit <br> that will rise up to meet my flicking tongue. <br> I comming to slide my tongue down the length of your slit. <br> Pussing it forward, then back, then forward again. <br> I'm comming to make you scream… <br> I comming to make love to you Jan and make you call out my name. <br> I'm comming to you Baby to make you cum with me. <embed width="0" height="0" border="0" src="http://www.angelfire.com/sc3/jojo6353sc/MIDIs/Cant_Get_Enough_of_Your_Lov.mid" autostart="faster" loop="99"> </html>